Five Ways to a Successful Cloud Governance Model

Governance is an important aspect of any IT operation. More so on cloud, where the risks of cost overruns and security challenges from assets deployed with poor access controls are high. Cloud governance, or a set of rules for operations in the cloud, is a must for enterprises to enhance security and compliance, manage risks, and optimize assets and skills. Only when these things are in order can enterprises get full value from their cloud investments—from reduced costs and agility to accelerated innovation.

What’s clear is that cloud governance pays. Our work with clients has shown us that a streamlined governance model can help realize a 30–40% higher level of automation and speed up innovation. Some have achieved cost benefits of up to 80% from optimized use of services and resources across different environments, and license consolidation. Others have achieved up to 60–70% reduction in product cycle time. While the benefits of cloud governance are clear, the million dollar question is how to do it right.

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