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Maximize the value of your products and elevate customer satisfaction through the strategic utilization of our quality assurance services.

Software Testing Company

Alita Infotech offers comprehensive global software quality assurance (QA) and testing services, empowering you to establish consistent and reliable QA strategies for your software products. With our managed software quality assurance services, you can be assured of high-quality products at all times. Our expert guidance helps you implement the best QA processes tailored to your needs, ensuring security and reliability.
Furthermore, our end-to-end QA and testing services seamlessly integrates into various software application development stages, providing valuable support across different setups throughout the lifecycle.

Elevate your product delivery to a best-in-class level with our top-notch Quality Assurance Services.

Manual Testing

Our seasoned team uses advanced manual testing tools and approaches to improve product user experience and usability for organizations.

Automation Testing

We offer exceptional QA automation testing services to help organizations accelerate their time-to-market while maintaining high quality.

Performance Testing:

Our QA team assists organizations in detecting, analyzing, and fixing issues that impact their products' performance under peak load.

Security Testing

We provide various security testing services to help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of security measures deployed on their digital products.

Mobile/IoT Testing

With our mobile and IoT testing services, we help organizations deliver top-class mobile applications with reduced overall cost and time-to-market.

Business Applications Testing

Our testing services enable organizations to test customized functionalities of their enterprise systems, ensuring reliability and efficiency

Independent Testing

Enterprises can benefit from our independent testing services, saving on hardware and software investment costs while accessing resources with the right skills on a need-basis, maximizing resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.

The Fundamental Stages of Our QA & Testing Process

Our streamlined web application development framework is designed to save you time and money. With a focus on Agile methodologies, our team ensures you can witness the evolving application at various development stages.



Product Design


Launch & Growth

We have created incredibly effective web applications that have produced outstanding results.

Card management and mind mapping application

The application is used to manage multiple cards on free canvas or a specific board. with the ability to connect with different cards via bi-directional linking system. It also provides the feature to have a full screen WYSIWYG editor for managing the markup formats and a work area to dump any media files.

Johnson safety training

The project is for Learning management. Basically the work of client is to train the people in different industries. In the system admin will add the courses with the available dates, and users will be able to see the courses in the front end. They will be able to select the next available dates for the course and they will be able to purchase the course online for selected date.

CA's Accounting System

It is a Saas platform which provides information and services related to Accounting administration. It provides features like Tracking of due dates, Workflow control, Standards tasks management, Security & privacy and much more


QUEX is a trading platform where we can get best in class user experience for trading and getting stocks information. It provides wide range of stocks, commodities and much more with one of the best user interface to easily measure the fluctuations of the market.

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